Seoul’s Fashion Empire

Fashion Week Photographers: 

Seoul FAs

The best street fashion photographers can make you famous over night. Korean born, renowned street fashion photographer, Hyunbam Nam, is currently having an expose of his famous photographs from fashion week all over the world.

Known as the photographer that revolutionized  korean fashion through his lens, he’s the man of the hour you should be on the look out for next Seoul Fashion Week!
nam hyun bum
The youth of Korea is more fashionable then ever and the street fashion photos from photographers like Hyunbam Nam, make the rise in popularity of the culture rise in popularity, as a global sensation!! Fashion icons from all over now praise the young generation of Korean designers, innovating the fashion empire we know and love!
Some Street fashion inspiration!
Seoul Fashion Week: 
seoul fashion weeek
This year’s latest season made an amazing $20 million dollars for Korea’s fashion industry. From Kpop idols to international fashionistas and movie stars attending, the whole week was a whirlwind of colours and camera flashes!
Guests at SFW, left with insight of the newest fashion trends such as denim, loud prints, rainbow hair colour, sneakers,patches, bomber jackets, hues of orange and pantone and many more! To read more about trends, click here!
The beloved powerhouse,  StyleNanda, was amongst the new brands to feature its newest collection to the public. This highly anticipated event did not disappoint attending guests and international fans, providing inspiration for all

Stylenanddaaaastylenanda fashion week

Some more looks from Seoul Fashion Week!!

Newest Fashion Trends: 


Fashion Trends this year are heavily influenced by Korean styles, adopted by the younger generation.Two weeks before fashion week in Seoul, the strrets were buzzing with new trends and gossips of the new collections ready to be shown to the public. Bold oranges, clutches and sneakers were once again found in these collections, a trend that is here to stay according to young fashionistas.


Without us (Westerners) knowing, Korea has been influencing our fashion for decades! Fashion and Cosmetics wise. South Korea has invaded the global markets in the electronic, fashion and cosmetics industry over the past 50 years! American brands such as Maybelline and Covergirl, are copying Korea brands in the technology used for perfect, long lasting make up!

Korean Street Fashion: 


Korean street fashion has played a major role in the western fashion culture without any consumers being aware of so. One of the biggest retailers in the U.S and Europe, Forever 21, was founded in 1984 by Do Won Chang and Jin Sook, immigrants from South Korea. With a net worth of 4.4 billion dollars.

forevr 21
Street fashion has taken such a huge popularity amongst fashionistas in Korea, many are payed thousands of dollars just to promote products and items in their photos. Many are also invited to the front rows of fashion shows during the fashion week , alongisde some of the biggest names in the industry!



Hottest Shopping Spots in Seoul: 

hottest fashion spots

From the perspective of a foreigner, Seoul looks like a melting pot of different cultural trends that are American, European all the way to Middle Eastern. Of course the most popular one is Chinese and Japanese, taking into consideration Korea’s long history of influencers invading, it feels like you have the whole world at your finger tips. Do not be fooled though, almost everything you will find in the biggest shopping districts like Hongdae and Myeongdong, have a Made in Korea tag that gives you a feeling of how passionate young Koreans truly are about their fashion culture!

Here is a break down of the most popular shopping spots and what you’ll find:


When you enter the main streets that lead to Myeongdong, it feel’s as though everything is hitting you in the face at once. Everything is crowded and overflowing with clothes, street food and shops offering low prices and sales and a warm atmosphere perfect for shopping.

Myeongdonggg Myeongdong

A shopping centre seen as above, works in levels. Most centres have an average of 7 levels and every level is separated by gender and category. (ex. woman’s clothes level 1, men’s clothes level 2, babies level 3 , etc)

Most of these centres have local brands. It’s the complete opposite of in our Western culture. When your brand is popular, you put it in the shopping mall, not in the streets where people mostly don’t stop by. But in Korea, if your store is in the street, it’s most likely a household name. Something quite interesting to see is the fact that you’ll find the exact same shop , one block away from one another, with the exact same limited amount of products as the one prior to it. It’s like competition doesn’t exist between both shops.


Known amongst Koreans as the fashion hotspot. With the best nightlife you can find in Seoul, it’s no surprise that stores in Hongdae close early in the morning and reopen around noon or one. This shopping district right by the Woman’s University offers the newest fashion trends, with prices varying from $$ to $$$ , with brands such as American Apparel and Zara.



Known as the New York of Seoul because of its western vibes, the American base located a few blocks away from the main streets make you feel as though you were back home! With more popular shops of brands found everywhere in the states and Europe such as Adidas, Nike, Forever 21, McDonalds and even a PFK chicken.



A large district of traditional markets, filled with streets full of art and fine dining, Insadong is the perfect place to capture the mix of traditional and modern art in Seoul. Very popular for its vast choice of vegetarian restaurants and coffee shops, Insadong is the perfect place to spend an afternoon buying souvenirs of your trip in Seoul!!



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