Fall Fashion Report

Every single fall shares 5 things that will never change. Never. Do not try to pry these things away from the season of pumpkins and squash and plaid, layering and military style boots.  This fall season  and actual fashion weeks ss17 are bringing us, dark lips, denim and the lace up fronts, that have been in style this year. With the temperature getting colder, how do you stay warm and stylish? Keep the envy from the people surrounding you to an ultimate? Quite easy with the following fashion and beauty tips from our fav fashionistas. ❤




Jordan, what do these two images have in common you ask? Look closely my bunnies, white sneakers and some sort of denim. No longer are white sneakers reserved for soccer mum’s only. Gone are those days I say! Gone!


Satin tops *** That’s glitter floating in the air before you ask. Use your imagination, I suck at editing stuff.

Satin tops or as I think of them, night tops. That you sleep in. When it gets cold, your nipples appear and though i have zero problem with that happening to me or others, I prefer to advise in advance for people who don’t appreciate that. But i mean, they’re nipples. What do you think I’m hiding under my shirt??

Back to the subject, layer them on top of a turtle neck, wear them on there own as pictured above, or even wear them in dress style! ?Comfortable, easy to wear and perfect for people like myself who don’t have the time or energy to get dressed properly in the morning!


As i mentioned before, denim on denim (aka Canadian tuxedo, holla at my nationality woot!) has been huge this year since the spring and will continue on during the fall! What better way to layer then to look like you just came out of jeans depot! Though i do have a strong hate towards the colour blue (fucking overrated), I do appreciate this trend for the simplicity it gives off.


On the subject of colour, Tan is always in during the summer and fall seasons. Tan as in the colour of a camel. Not an orange Hompa Lumpa every one seems to look like when sunbathing is no longer available to most of the Americas. Personal favourites of mine include tan skirts and shoes. Simply because i find it is easier to pair, so I don’t look so one toned. But then again, rock what you want and feel like!



Can’t make a fall fashion report without talking about sweaters! That  would be like saying pumpkin spice lattes aren’t a necessity to the fall Starbucks menu. (Which Shanghai doesn’t have by the way I’m really sad). Sweaters are like the air to your lungs for the fall season. Unless you live in a warm climate, to which i say, im so sorry for your loss. Living in one of the coldest areas in Canada, I can tell you sweaters are the most essential for your closet so you dont die of frostbite.


Part two of the Fall Fashion Report will be uploaded soon. Or not. Keep on the watch for it! Thanks for reading my little pumpkins, i’ll see you in my next one! <2


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