OOTD Dec.29, 2016

Went out with some friends this morning and it was freezing cold. 4 degrees outside, and mind you, mid- October it was still 25 degrees outside so I am super cold! Left at 8 am from my house and at 1h30 I fell asleep for a nap and just woke up at 11h30 p.m. Awesome sauce. Cute outfit wasted away but honestly, probably just gonna wear it out again tomorrow haha. Also, yes, my outfits these days are all the same I wear the same shirt but in different colours. Literally the same one from Zara. ButI’mm so exhausted and staying at home resting that, I don’t put much effort into my outfits.
Shirt is from Zara, it’s basically just a peplum t- shirt but this one is cuter.
Leather pants are from H&M.
Booties are from F21, not these, but these are the closest shade wise so..
Bag was from Aldo (mine is white and black really didn’t fit but my black fake Gucci one is broken and dirty.
Coat is from F21.
Rings are same rings every day! 🙂
OOTD Dec.29, 2016


Alexander McQueen top
22635 TWD – modalist.com

Wool coat
19335 TWD – nililotan.com

Leather pants
47435 TWD – modesportif.com

Forever 21 high heel booties
1125 TWD – forever21.com

ALDO sequin purse
1975 TWD – selfridges.com

Allurez diamond engagement ring
62380 TWD – allurez.com


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