About Me

Hello! My name is Jordan and this blog is for my fellow unskilled people! We can learn make up and fashion TOGETHER. As a family! Follow me around as I travel the world and learn about different cultures and shit!  Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave me questions or something!!

This blog on WordPress started for a college journalism class. That was almost a whole year ago and as much as I want to start a real blog, it’s very time-consuming, and I literally take mirror selfies so like low quality ya know? But imma give it a shot. I’ve been in the hospital a lot this month and I’ve been so bored so I’ve been focusing on this blog(?), making outfits on Polyvore and sharing them. I’ve been receiving likes and I’d love to get feedback on what I can do better and I want to continue doing this in 2017 if it’s possible. So I thought I would share some info on me for that purpose.

Name: Jordan. Also, known on the internet as Eli or Elibear.

Age: 19

Location: Planet Earth

Obsessions: Harry Potter, shoes, bags, eyeliner, lippies, Gucci, lucky charms, cereal in general really, shrimp wonton soup, much more..

Dislikes: Butterflies, worms, mushrooms, wedged sneakers (eww), fitted t-shirts (no thanks bye), miso soup (smells like an aquarium, pass), much more..

What I look like: