Striped Dress Outfit

Striped Dress Outfit

Diane Von Furstenberg silk dress
405 CAD –

Topshop denim jacket
72 CAD –

Evening purse
120 CAD –

Gold plated necklace
2,125 CAD –

Spektre futuristic glasses
395 CAD –


Puffer Jacket Outfit

Puffer Jacket Outfit

Balmain tunic
1,170 CAD –

White embroidered shirt
39 CAD –

H M red padded jacket
65 CAD –

Princetown leather slipper
890 CAD –

Chanel belt bag
1,770 CAD –

14 karat gold jewelry
245 CAD –

Silver coin necklace
105 CAD –



H M jersey top
¥1,385 –

MANGO zipper jacket
¥4,475 –

H&M pink jeans
¥4,270 –

Chloé strappy shoes
¥55,520 –

Gucci genuine leather handbag
¥120,675 –

Diamond earrings
¥391,420 –

Gucci heart jewellery
¥117,445 –

Ettika multi layer necklace
¥4,270 –

Red sunglasses
¥535 –

A Little Update To The Blog

I’m on vacation right now. Not going to lie I’ve been preoccupied with the future. My future was stable until a few weeks ago but it’s been shaken up. So now I’m doing the thing I know to do best: stressing the fuck out.


Now the real blog update starts. I’m 20 years old and I’m already 14k in debt. Two thousand on my credit card + 2 thousand for my first student loan from college and 10k for the money my mum lent me. She didn’t lend me that much money; I’m just adding interest for all the years it’s going to take me to repay it. Did I mention I also have to go back to university? And it’s not in my province (state if you’re from the U.S.A) so I have to think of the costs of living elsewhere and all the stuff. Add another 25k of student loans and I think we have some pretty heavy loans for a 20-year-old. If anybody has 39’000$ to give me, I am more then willing.


How the fuck does a 20-year-old get out of debt? How do I budget? How do I know what things are worth it and will benefit me?

Good question, Jordan. Good question…

 This blog is not only going to be fashion but lifestyle and becoming a successful and responsible adult that doesn’t fear the world.


One Brand Outfits: Zaful

NEW SERIES ALERT!!! So I thought I would do like many other fashion and beauty bloggers and review brands by making a whole outfit from one brand only! Twas difficult because polyvore doesnt have all the amazing options Zaful has to offer, but I think I did a pretty good job hehe. Happy shopping loves!! #zaful #onebrand
#wannagoshoppingnow #poorwallet
One Brand Outfits: Zaful


Cami dress
20 CAD –

Stripe top
27 CAD –

Square toe shoes
38 CAD –

Blue shoulder bag
44 CAD –

Boho earrings
38 CAD –

Golden ring
38 CAD –

Untitled #77

Yes, i know the pants and jacket lay weirdly in the frame but I wanted to show off the look of the layered jacket,off shoulder, over the sweater to really appreciate the silhouette of the neck! These yellow mules are gorgeous and like always , no wrong can be done when you add a Gucci bag to your outfit!
Untitled #77


Cameo shirt
35 CAD –

Balenciaga blue denim jacket
1,320 CAD –

JunaRose blue ripped skinny jeans
110 CAD –

Lewit ribbon shoes
245 CAD –

Gucci hand woven bag
2,375 CAD –

Chunky chain necklace
2,075 CAD –

Crucifix earrings
25 CAD –

Le Specs acetate sunglasses
150 CAD –

Untitled #73

Untitled #73

Samsøe Samsøe striped sweater
250 CAD –

Valentino short shorts
1,980 CAD –

Salvatore Ferragamo ankle booties
1,620 CAD –

Gucci bag
1,620 CAD –

Rolex watch
25,930 CAD –

Cartier jewelry
2,555 CAD –

755 CAD –

Chain necklace
100 CAD –

Yves Saint Laurent diamond ring
125 CAD –

Earring jewelry
38 CAD –

Lion head ring

Lola brimmed hat
245 CAD –

Faux Fur Coat

Faux Fur Coat

Turtle neck shirt
22 CAD –

Boohoo gilet vest
50 CAD –

RE/DONE vintage high waisted jeans
555 CAD –

Gucci black bootie
2,000 CAD –

Chloé shoulder bag purse
2,100 CAD –

Shinola handcrafted jewelry
755 CAD –

Marc Jacobs enamel earrings
79 CAD –

Element flat hat
25 CAD –

These pants Outfit

These pants Outfit

H M pink coat
125 CAD –

Topshop flare pants
35 CAD –

Converse sneaker
63 CAD –

Gucci gold jewelry
1,385 CAD –

La Kaiser topaz ring
120 CAD –

GUESS hoop earrings
25 CAD –

Dolce Gabbana gold headband
1,945 CAD –